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Our teams have worked together to create materials that help provide a comprehensive view of the Sarasin Climate Active strategy.

FT - optimistic oil price forecasts

Optimistic oil price forecasts 'over-value' majors' assets

The FT lend their voice in an editorial piece inspired by Natasha's article.

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FT - oil companies must come clear

Oil companies must come clean about their price estimates

Natasha Landell-Mills writes in the FT about some of the issues raised by her paper.

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Are oil and gas companies overstating their position

Are oil and gas companies overstating their position?

We believe oil and gas company financial statements may be using overly optimistic price assumptions.

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 Climate active highlights

Highlights of the launch event

Highlights from the day, along with comments from the speakers.

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Sir John Beddington web

Interview with Sir John Beddington

Sir John Beddington answers questions about the effects of climate change.

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Cameron Hepburn web

Interview with Professor Cameron Hepburn

Professor Hepburn discusses the effects of the Paris Accord on businesses and the global economy.

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Natasha Landell-Mills web

Interview with Natasha Landell-Mills

Our Head of Stewardship takes a deeper look at our Climate Active strategy.

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David Pitt-Watson web

Interview with David Pitt-Watson

David examines the impact of climate change on shareholders, and how they can respond.

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Climate active brochure

Climate Active brochure

Find out about the investment philosophy behind the strategy, how we engage with companies, and whether Climate Active might suit your charity.

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Sarasin & Partners commit to the Portfolio Decarbonisation Coalition (PDC)

This document confirms our commitment to the PDC's mission and goals. It also outlines our Climate Active strategy, which aims to provide a solution for clients who wish to do more than simply ensure that climate risks are accounted for in their investments.

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Presentations View the presentations from the Climate Active launch.