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The Climate Active Strategy

“Sarasin has been a frontrunner in charting the financial risks climate change poses to corporations and portfolios, and demanding greater oversight from the UK’s financial regulator on the issue. The Climate Active Fund looks set to further embed key principles of climate risk management in the industry while continuing to push policymakers on this crucial issue. We are greatly encouraged by the launch of this fund and look forward to continued collaboration with Sarasin.”

Alice Garton - Company and Financial Project Leader, ClientEarth

Climate change poses risks to our way of life. It is also driving Government policy that is set to transform how we produce and consume energy. The Sarasin & Partners Climate Active strategy is a multi-asset portfolio designed for trustees who are seeking attractive and sustainable long-term investment returns against a back drop of increasing climate-related risks.

We will invest in companies that the manager expects to deliver enduring shareholder value, in a way that is consistent with a 2°C cap in global warming. In addition, we will utilise both divestment and engagement as tools to protect and enhance capital in line with heightened emphasis on climate risk, together with representations to government and other regulatory bodies.

Investors in the Sarasin & Partners Climate Active strategy can play a role in combatting climate change while seeking attractive investment returns and performing their fiduciary duties in a responsible manner.

Resources Supporting materials that help provide a comprehensive view of our Climate Active strategy.